Conversation between a Salafi Muslim and a "Modern" Muslim

Salifi (in Da'wa): God is our objective!
The Quran is our constitution!
the Prophet is our leader!
Jihad is our way!
Islam is the Solution!

"Modern" Muslim (with a sneer on his face): Oh ya! Well if what you call Islam is the solution, why is Saudi Arabia full of corrupt princes with huge palaces, while there are no jobs for the young?
Why are Iran's youth idle? Why have they no jobs? No marriage prospects, while the ruling Mullahs family live in big homes in north Teheran? Didn't their revolution bring what you call Islam?
Why do graduates in Pakistan have to go to Europe and North America to get jobs, while mobsters control Karach? Don't they have hudood laws?
Don't give us this "Islam is the Solution"!

Salifi: Unclean dog! You blame Islam for this! The problem is not Islam, it's bad Muslims. Blame the corrupt princes in Saudi and corrupt Mullahs in Iran, not Islam!
If true hudood and the rest of the shariah were law in those countries there would be no unemployment! No corruption!

M.M.: So tell us: Why are they corrupt? Why can't they give jobs? Give houses for families to live in?
And don't tell us the Iranian revolutionaries and Wahhabi Ikhwan were corrupt before they took power! They were killed by the hundreds fighting the Shah and the Ottomans! They believed in Islam but they still turned bad.
Why didn't your true Islam keep them honest and true?
How do we know you won't turn out the same when you take power??
What Muslims need is democracy so we can vote out corrupt good-for-nothings - not windbags like you telling us not to listen to music, which way to face when we pee!